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The Barefoot Bride was started in 1966 in Fair Haven, NJ. We purchased the store in 2006, fulfilling a dream and embarking on a journey to modernize the Barefoot Bride brand by establishing a boutique selection with a warmer family feel. The BFB also began offering in-store alterations and customized, imaginative wedding planning services.The bridal industry has had to reinvent itself to keep pace with change. We’ve had to rethink traditional events and how we service our brides and customers. As micro weddings are becoming a trend, BFB is continuing our growth and we are excited to introduce…Just Go BarefootOffering less formal attire suitable for backyard ceremonies, micro wedding, rehearsal dinners, and other evolved events. JGB will feature cute and cool alternatives for honeymoons, including tees, accessories, and more. Our ready-to-wear merchandise will also be available for online purchasing to offer additional conveniences. As in the past, we pride ourselves in treating all of our clients sincerely and with pleasantness as you enter the home we’ve built. If at first, you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll explore the options.We’re excited that our new options will help make the most of your special events in this time of change. What will never change is our commitment to you. We have always valued our dedication to making certain that each client is happy with their Barefoot experience – whether it be in our shop or now with our new virtual experience.We cannot wait to get started so please be sure to continue to check back as we grow.BFB and JGB!

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